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Ordering Information:

If you want to purchase any items from this website, please email us with your Name, Delivery address, Email Address and the Item Details.

Items will not be shipped until we have confirmation of payment receipt via PayPal.

Please email to:


Items shown on this site EXCLUDE shipping costs. Shipping costs are as follows:

USA: USD$10 approx.

UK: 10 approx.

Europe: 10 approx.

Please contact us for further details.

To calculate actual postage rates (excluding packaging):

Please allow up to 14 days delivery time on all items.

Terms of Sales

1. All items are in fine or better condition unless noted otherwise in the description. All items are sold subject to your being satisfied with. Any item purchased from us is returnable in a timely manner for a prompt and courteous refund, exchange, or credit on a future purchase.

2. All listings are net price and subject to prior sale. Except the stamps all items are unique, one of a kind. Phone, fax and e-mail orders are possible. If you pay with credit card or PayPal your purchase will be mailed immediately. If you send a money order or cash, items will be mailed as soon as we receive your payment.

3. Western Union Money Order, Cash, VISA, MasterCard / Eurocard, TT Transfers and PayPal are accepted. Please provide all of the raised information on the card including the expiration date. You can also fax your details using the fax number: +(852) 2987-9651

4. Our prices cover postage and handling, standard priority mail, insurance or registration fees will be due if requested.

5. Residents of the European Union and some other countries must add 10% sales tax. Please contact us if you have questions!

We want you to be very happy with your purchases from us!
If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, let us know by email and we will give you a full refund within 14 days of the date the item is returned to us. We choose to offer only high quality products to our customers. This allows us to give you a return policy that is very generous and flexible because our customers are always impressed with their purchases.
If you need to return an item, please notify us at: in advance. We will then send you a confirmation email with instructions for return shipping.

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Badges - Posters - Watches - Lighters - Red Book - Alarm Clocks - Caps - ORDERS